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We are very excited to work with you and make your wedding dreams come true.  Please see the Available Dates below, bearing in mind that we are a seasonal venue and open from May 1st through October 31st of any given year.  If you are interested in a Sunday wedding or a midweek event, please contact us for further information.  

The only way to save the date that you are interested in is to email or speak to us directly with your request that you plan to book the venue.  At this point, the contracts are mailed out and you are given a two-week time frame in order to review the information and get the signed contracts and funds back to us.  Once the two weeks has passed, your requested date is then made available again if we have not received the paperwork and funds.    

Available dates for smaller gatherings such as bridal or baby showers can be held Monday through Thursday or on Sunday after 1pm. 

The dates below reflect the most updated availability.  Dates are removed from availability once a couple has returned a signed contract, deposit and required event insurance.  



2024 Available Dates

  May 2024

  All dates booked


 June 2024

All dates Booked

July 2024

All dates booked

August 2024

All dates booked

September 2024

All dates booked

October 2024

All dates booked


2025 Available Dates

May 2025

June 2025
All dates booked

July 2025


August 20

September 2025
26-28..on hold

October 2025


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