wedding pros and vendors

There are numerous vendors and professionals in the area, should you choose to work with them. The names provided below are not exclusive to our venue and are simply suggestions that you may want to consider.


  The Petal Post on Main

  Towanda, PA


 Valley Flower Shoppe 

 Waverly, NY

Preferred Bartenders: both with RAMP certification

  Whitney Sheeley  570-772-8750

  Ashlee Barrett  719-293-1919



 Celebrations Black Diamond Cafe   

  Sayre, PA

 Callears BBQ

Sayre, PA


Strictly Cupcakes by Mrs. Sheeley

Troy, PA


The Anxious Baker- professionally decorated


Athens, PA


 Alison Ockasi

Frozen Moments Photography

frozen moments


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Officiants:  Names can be provided or be obtained through the Office of the Register and Recorder in Bradford County, Towanda, PA when the marriage license is obtained up to 60 days in advance but at least 3 days prior to the wedding.

Houses of Worship:  There are numerous houses of worship in the area to consider and many denominations to select from.  A few include:  

 Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church

 Columbia Crossroads, PA   


Church of the Epiphany Catholic Church

 Sayre, PA

 Harvest House Community Fellowship Southern Baptist Church,

Towanda, PA

Local Accommodations:  There are different types of accommodation available, to include B&B, hotels and inns.  Most are within a 15-20 minute drive. 

 Golden Oak Inn B&B   

 Troy, PA

 Victoria Charm Inn

 Towanda, PA   

 online booking sites


 Paradise Inn and Suites   

 Towanda, PA 

 online booking sites

 Candlewood Suites     

 Sayre, PA 

 online booking sites

Wedding Bouquet
Mini Desserts