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Planning Tools and Resources


We are located at 3000 Mac Road in Ulster, PA.  GPS isn't always accurate so the crossroad to look for is the corner of Mac Rd and Shotgun Hollow Rd. 

From Rt. 6 - Turn onto Mac Road off of Rt. 6 in Burlington, PA.  Follow the road up to the top of the hill (approximately 3 miles) and turn left at the top of the hill as Mac Road continues.  In a half mile, you will see the venue at the corner of Shotgun Hollow Rd and Mac Rd. The parking area is past the barn on your right. 

From Rt 220 - Off of Rt. 220 in Ulster, turn onto Covered Bridge Rd.  You will come to a stop sign, Continue straight on Covered Bridge Rd.  The road will fork up ahead and you will turn right onto Shotgun Hollow Rd.  Continue until the end and the venue will be on your right.  Turn right onto Mac Road and go past the barn to the parking area on the right. 


Guest Tables 

Number of Tables                             Size                                Tablecloth Sizes

                                      14 Round                                                5 ft (60 inch)                                 120 inch round to floor                                                                11 Rectangular                                   8ft (96 inch x 30 inch)                 156 inch by 90 inch to floor            

                                      3 Rectangular                                   6 ft ( 72 inch x 30 inch)                  132 inch x 90 inch to floor

                                      1 Rectangular                                    4 ft ( 48 inch x 24 inch)                   108 inch x 84 inch to floor

Crossback Chairs

19 inches to seat from floor/36 inches to top of chair/20 inch width

Ceremony Area Aisle

10 Center Benches on each side of aisle (40 ft from first to last bench)

5 benches each on both sides of center rows

Pergola in Ceremony Area

7 ft H x 8 ft D x 12 ft W

Guest Resources

Local Restaurants

     Towanda - The Flying Taco, The Community Cup, Oliver's Restaurant

     Athens - Beeman's Family Restaurant, Applebees, Grace Chinese Buffet

     Sayre - Bluestone Brewery, OIP Pizza, Bri Marie Restaurant

Local Attractions

     Ithaca - The Finger Lakes and their many surrounding towns, Cornell University

     Watkins Glen - State Parks, Racing Parkway

     Elmira, NY - shopping, restaurants, movies

     Binghamton, NY - shopping, restaurants

Sample To-Do List

  1. Determine Guest Count (Must invite less than 150 - Max capacity is 150 at venue.

  2. Set Your Budget (Please make sure you have a finalized budget before booking vendors. It will be extremely helpful to you later in the planning process and should reduce stress. Include a 10% buffer in your budget for misc. items.)

  3. Book The Barn

  4. Consider which hotels you may be interested in although block booking is not necessary in our area.

  5. Book Vendors - Planner, Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Officiant, DJ, Caterer, etc. 

    1. If you plan on using a wedding planner, they are typically booked before booking a venue or immediately after.

    2. Generally after booking a venue, photographers are booked next.  

    3. Next, I would book the remaining vendors in order of importance to you.

    4. I would have the caterer and bar service booked at least 6 months prior to your wedding date unless you have a short engagement period. 

  6. Purchase Wedding Attire - Many dress shops have long lead times. 

  7. Finalize Guest List 

  8. Take Engagement Photos 

  9. Schedule Tastings & Vendor Meetings 

  10. Send Save The Dates [Optional]

  11. Order Invitations

  12. Schedule Hair & Makeup Trials 

  13. Rent linens 

  14. Register for Gifts

  15. Arrange for Transportation [Optional]

  16. Create a Family Photo Must-Have List For Photographer 

    1. If you don’t do this you are very likely to miss important photos you wish you had with family. 

  17. Set Shower and Party Dates 

  18. Send Invitations 

  19. Obtain Marriage License 

  20. Organize Tips / Gratuity 

  21. Send Shower & Party Thank You Cards 

  22. Finalize Music Selections - REMIND DJ NOT TO DEPEND ON THE BARN WIFI 

  23. Write Vows [Optional]

  24. Determine & Communicate Wedding Day Responsibilities 

    1. The Barn will ask that you select a “Decision Maker for the Day.” 

    2. Determine who will be helping your bridal party line up to walk down the aisle. If you don’t have a planner, we suggest a friend or family member not in the wedding.

  25. Meet with Karen one month before at the venue to finalize your wishes.

  26. Confirm Timeline With All Vendors / Family / Bridal Party

  27. Contact Those Who Didn’t RSVP

  28. Finalize Seating Chart [Optional] 

  29. Get Nails Done - Hair Trim

  30. Clean Rings 

  31. Pack All “Details” Into One Box for Photographer (Jewelry, shoes, invite, etc.)

  32. Rehearse Your Ceremony - Make sure parents/grandparents practice too 

  33. Get a Good Night's Sleep 

  34. Enjoy Your Wedding Day - Take a moment to stop and soak in your event during the day 

  35. Send Thank You Cards & Write Vendor Reviews

Sample Timeline

With a First Look on Saturday 


10:00 - Arrive Onsite, makeup, Bridal Suite

12:00 - Put on your dress

12:30 - First look photos

1:00- Photos with the bridal party


*Please make sure you have a WRITTEN list of family photos needed

2:00 - Ceremony

2:30 - Bar Opens

2:30 - Couples Portraits 

2:30 - Appetizers for guests

3:30 - Couple announced

4:00 - Buffet Opens and Toasts

5:00 - First Dances

6:00 - Cut the cake/serve dessert

10:00- Last call at the Bar

10:00- Final Song 

10:30 - Pack gifts into car

10:30 - Say Goodbyes, Remove Items From Dressing Rooms, etc.

11:00pm - All guests will be gone from the venue and the caterer and staff will be finishing up cleaning.



WITHOUT a First Look 


11:00 - Arrive at Bridal Suite, possible makeup done

1:00 - Put on your dress

1:30 - Photos separately 

2:00 - Ceremony

2:30- Bar and Appetizers

2:30- Family photos - Family MUST be ready and stay close

*Please make sure you have a WRITTEN list of family photos needed

3:00 - Bridal Party Photos 

3:30- Couples Portraits 

4:00 - Buffet and toasts

5:00 - First Dances

6:00 - Cut the cake/serve dessert

10:00 - Last call at the Bar

10:30 - Say Goodbyes, Remove Items From Dressing Rooms, etc.

11:00 - All guest are gone from venue and vendors are cleaning

Seating Arrangements

Heading 1


There are several floor plans for your guest seating that we have found work well in our particular space.  In general the seating works well if you plan on about 48 each in the upper and lowel levels of the venue and/or about 100 in the pavilion area.  Please see the attachments below for three floor plans that work the best in our space,  The first decision you need to make is where you would like your dance floor to be.  Then the guest tables can be filled in according to the number of guests and your particular needs.  

The samples below show the dance floor on each level and are for guest counts of 150.  If you have less than that, remove tables according to your numbers so you will have an idea of what fits the best.

When you come to your Planning Meeting the month before your wedding, we will go over all of your thoughts for the space and review the floor plan you have selected.  The final decision will be made on the Friday of your wedding weekend when we put everything in place and make sure it is as you have requested.  

Heading 1

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