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Vendor Instructions

For Vendors participating in an event at The Barn at Windswept Farm:


When you arrive at the venue, you are welcome to drop off your items on the left side of the venue where the parking area is.  You can enter the doors either at the top of the original barn if you have been instructed to set up at that location or you are able to use the door to the pavilion to unload your items there.  All vehicles should be moved after unloading and parked in the provided parking spaces. 


You may drive through the potted green trees along the roadside and park on the right side of the barn, which is opposite the parking area.  You can unload your vehicle and then park alongside the small garage that is there so that your vehicle is between the garage and Mac Road.  If needed, you are able to set up a pop-up type tent and grill/cook/prepare the meal that is being served.  All foods should come fully prepared with the exception of any meat that needs to be grilled. 


There is hot/cold water available on the outside of the barn on the right-hand side of the venue.   We can set up a table for you with rinsing buckets as needed.  Additionally, there is a work sink located behind one of the bathrooms that is available should the weather be inclement.  

Please see Karen/Steve for any questions that you have regarding your particular service.  We are happy to help in any way that we can.  

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