Answered Questions

What is the pricing for The Barn at Windswept Farm?

The pricing of venue is located on the Investment page, which details the pricing for different days of the week.  The pricing includes three day options and are priced accordingly.  Our pricing has no hidden fees or taxes.  The only additional item we request that you provide Event Insurance, which runs approximately $180.00 for the day.  We work with Henry Dunn Insurance in Athens, PA but you are welcome to get your own coverage elsewhere.


How many people can you accommodate indoors?

The Barn can comfortably hold approximately 125 people inside between the attached tented area and the lower floor.  If you have a larger number of guests or just simply prefer to be outside under an additional tent, we are happy to work with you in renting the appropriate size tent for your gathering.  Please bear in mind that our maximum capacity for guests is 150 people even with the additional tent rental at your expense.  If you are planning on having a smaller number of guests, the upper level of our barn is especially suited for more intimate gatherings such as elopements and micro weddings.

What are the bathroom facilities like?

We have two, brand new bathroom facilities, both of which are ADA compliant and are on the downstairs level of the barn.

Do you have a separate Bridal Suite?

Yes, we have a Bridal Suite that you are able to use the day of your wedding to get ready in.  There's enough room for your attendants to join you if you wish and feel free to have your stylists join in assisting you in getting ready.  The Barn is a great spot to spend time in while you are waiting for your ceremony to begin.

Will there be another wedding on the same day?

No, we only host one wedding at a time to make sure that your experience is individualized and all the focus is on you.

What happens in case it rains?

If you have planned an outdoor ceremony, we can easily accommodate your guests inside the venue on the upper level of the barn.  The seats will then be removed for additional space and dancing.

How many times can we visit The Barn?


We request that you fill out the Tour Submission Form and send it in to us so that we can schedule a visit

for just you and the decision makers of your wedding.  We are not available unless an appointment has been made.  If you have already been on a tour but would like to come again to take measurements, meet a vendor there, etc. then please complete the Monthly Open House RSVP form and look at the Open House Dates for available dates and times.  




Are there wedding vendors and services nearby?

Yes, we have many vendors and wedding pros to select from.  There are also many forms of accommodation and lodging if you will be traveling to the area.  Please see the Wedding Pros and Vendors page for suggestions.


What is the parking situation?

We have a large, gravel filled lot with overflow parking in a field.  Both are right next to the barn as well as designated handicap parking spaces nearby.  Also, you are able to drop off any guests at the top of the barn, which sits near the road.  Simply pull your car up and drop off any guests that may need extra assistance.



Can I bring my dog to the venue?

We are a dog-friendly venue and would be happy to have your beloved pet with us at your ceremony.  We understand how important it is to have them be a part of your photos and be present at your special day.  That said, we ask that your pet is not brought inside the building for the reception as there will be food and vendors trying to provide the best possible service for you. Please arrange to have someone other than the bride or groom be responsible for them after the ceremony itself or arrange care to be outside the building during the reception.  They should also be on leashes at all times and no other types of animals, aside from service animals, are welcome.  

Can we take photos around other areas of the farm on our wedding day?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos on our farm and we would be happy to recommend some beautiful spots for you. We have a very large pond filled with beautiful yellow iris at the beginning of June, a wonderful pathway through the woods that make for gorgeous forest pictures and many open fields filled with wildflowers and grasses.

Can we bring in our own decorations for the walls and ceiling of the barn?

Aside from placing your own decor on the shelves provided by the structure of the barn, we ask that you do not bring items that will be need to be nailed or hung with adhesives or up on the rafters as they are far too high to reach comfortably.

Are candles and sparklers allowed?

Both of these items are fire hazards, which as you can imagine in an original barn, is not something that we can allow at the event.  We ask that you bring flameless candles for the experience as they are the safest option and still provide the glamour and ambiance that you are looking for.

What time does the music need to end?

Music on Friday/Saturday needs to end by 10:30pm as this will allow you, your guests, the vendors, etc. to be off property by 11:00pm.  Not only are we a working farm but we want to be courteous to our neighbors as well. Another point to make is that the DJ/Band you hire will need to be self sufficient and able to provide music without using wifi.  While wifi may be available, it is hard to guarantee in this country setting so if they are a reputable outfit, should be able to provide your entertainment regardless.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

No, vehicles cannot be left overnight as we cannot guarantee their safety or the safety of their contents.  

How will the tables and chairs be arranged for my particular event?

We will work closely with you to arrange the seating in the way that suits your event style. We have a combination of 60 inch round tables and 8ft rectangular tables to select from.  Also, one of the defining features of our venue is the cross back chairs that we have purchased for your pinterest worthy photos.   Additionally, we have an absolutely beautiful, hand painted sweetheart table for the bride and groom, should you choose to use it. We also have several folding buffet style tables for the caterer of your choice and linens for those tables should be discussed in advance with your supplier.  

What time do you suggest we begin our ceremony/reception?

This is answer is truly dependent on the time of year.  You will need to take into account the times that the sun sets and where and when you want your pictures taken and the monthly temperatures. If you prefer an evening wedding, we suggest staring your ceremony no later that 5:00pm as in certain months it can get dark by 7pm and most of your pictures will not be able to be taken outdoors.  If, on the other hand, lots of outdoor pictures are what you want to have, then perhaps having an early afternoon ceremony will suit your needs better.  We are happy to accommodate various times depending on your photography wishes.  All weddings will be over by 11:00pm and music will end at 10:30pm on weekends.   

Will we be able to have a rehearsal at The Barn the evening before? 

Yes, you will be able to hold your rehearsal at venue the evening before.  We request that the rehearsal be a period of no more than two hours and that all guests are offsite by 7:00pm.  While we will not be able to move the tables and chairs that have been set, if the upstairs space or tented area has been left available, you will be able to host a small gathering of no more than 25 for a dinner provided for at your expense.  



How many times can we come and see The Barn after we have booked?

You are asked to come the one time for your tour and to bring anyone involved in the decision making at that point.  If you would like to join us at one of our Monthly Open Houses, please check the dates online as to when the next one will be scheduled and you are free to join us then.  No second private tours will be available.

What is the Monthly Open House?

We know how exciting it is to come and see a new wedding venue and all that it has to offer!  To that end, we will be scheduling a monthly Open House time for you and your vendors to visit that is in addition to your scheduled Tour time.  Please check our website for listed dates.  The Barn will have Open House dates starting in March of each year and ending in October.

Is The Barn heated and cooled?

Because The Barn is still in its authentic state, this does not allow us to have heating/cooling units throughout.  That said, we do have numerous fans for the warmer days and large free-standing heat lamps to move as needed throughout both floors of the barn and the outside dancing area.  Depending on the time of year, be sure to inform your guest of any weather related garments or items they may want to have handy.  

How does hiring the vendors work, such as the caterer, DJ, florist, etc.?

While we will work closely with you in making your selections, ultimately it is your responsibility to make all of the arrangements for any outside needs.  We will be onsite throughout your special day but you are required to have made all of the other arrangements in advance. We have provided several suggestions on the Wedding Pros and Vendors page but your are welcome to use others.  Please provide our names and contact information to each vendor so that we can speak in advance to meet any specific requirements they may have.  Additionally, you will need to provide proof of insurance for each vendor hired.  Specifically for the caterer you select, we prefer a full service caterer who provides bussing for the tables, table service such as water, coffee, champagne toast, cake cutting and serving, setup and cleanup services and adult staff to assist them. That said, we know how expensive catering can be. If you should choose not to select a full service caterer but are interested in making other arrangements, please contact us directly so that we can discuss our expectations with you.  We want your day to be as stress free as we can possibly make it.


How does The Barn handle alcohol for the bar area?

It is the responsibility of the couple to make arrangements with the caterer or a bartender certified in the state of Pennsylvania to serve alcohol at the wedding.  That arrangement needs to be made in advance with the caterer or individual who will be serving and proof of insurance will be needed from both.  

Do you provide china, linens, cups, silverware, etc.?

While we do not provide these items, they can easily be obtained through your caterer or with a wonderful company we work with called Shabby Sisters out of Rome, Pennsylvania.  They offer all sorts of custom linens, place settings, stemware, silverware and even wooden tops for the rectangular banquet tables.  

Is there a deposit required?  When are the additional payments due?  What happens if I have to cancel the wedding or the venue needs to cancel for a situation like a government or state shut down?

Yes, when the contract is signed, we require a $1,000 deposit to hold the date.  After that, we require a 2nd installment 9 months before the wedding of $1,000.  The final installment will be required 3 months before the wedding and the amount will depend on the day/days you have chosen.  These time frames are non-negotiable and you will be sent reminders that an installment is due.  If you fail to send in the next installment at the agreed upon date, the previous deposits will be non-refundable and the date you selected will no longer be held.  If for some reason the venue needs to cancel, all monies will be returned to the couple and a reschedule will be planned for.  If a situation like government or state shutdown occurs, monies will either be refunded or the event will be rescheduled to another date, depending on the couples' preference. 

How do I reserve a date?

We recommend that you contact us by email, stating your desired date and time frame to see if we are still available.  You will hear back from us and we will start the process from there.