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The Barn at Windswept Farm


POP UP Wedding

Planning Guide

Welcome to The Barn at Windswept Farm!


We LOVE weddings and would appreciate the opportunity to help you plan your special event.  We offer two types of wedding events at the venue which include a full wedding weekend and a Pop Up Wedding event.  They are very different experiences to meet the needs of the many types of couples that we serve.

Our full weekend experience is just that…a full weekend event to include all day decorating on Friday, a rehearsal dinner on Friday evening, a bridal suite and groom room for the couple to get ready in on Saturday, a gorgeous outdoor ceremony area and three adjoining sections of the venue to decorate with your own décor and small details.  Come back on Sunday to remove your personal items and we will finish the clean-up for you.  This choice is for the couple who dreams of personalizing their event and making many small detail choices from bringing in a caterer, to the décor they prefer, to finding an officiant to perform the ceremony.  We provide the venue, you provide everything else with this option.

The Pop Up Wedding event is designed for those brides who may not have the time or desire to fully plan a wedding event, which takes months of preparation. Time or budget may be a factor and a Pop Up wedding addresses both of those needs.  All of the details are taken care of.  You will only need to invite your friends and family and show up ready to enjoy the day.  This is a much easier and faster affair in terms of your preparation.

We schedule a 90-minute window in which you will be married by an officiant.  Then the music begins and the desserts are served. Then, the best part…. No cleanup.  You leave after your assigned time and we take care of the rest of the details.


Pop Up dates are offered several times a year based on our schedule.  The dates will be posted on both the website and on our Facebook page, The Barn at Windswept Farm.



A Pop Up Wedding includes the following:

  • The ability to invite up to 30 family and friends to celebrate YOU

  • No planning ahead as we take care of all the small details:

    • An officiant is included.  You just need to bring your marriage license.

    • The music is brought to you on our state-of the art sound system. We have designed a magical playlist but you are also able to bring your own down-loaded music selection should you prefer.

    • A photographer is included to take photos throughout your 90-minute session and an online gallery will be sent to you with edited photos.

    • A real flower bouquet and boutonniere (or two of the same) will be provided.

    • A couples cake is provided with fresh flowers and a topper (if you want to save your cake, we will provide a box for take home)

    • A Dessert table with cupcakes, cookies, etc. will be provided for your guests to enjoy.  Seasonal beverages will also be provided.

    • All guest tables and seating, a sweetheart table, all table décor and place settings are designed for you

    • Indoor and outdoor ceremony sites provided depending on weather

    • One price for all of the above (event insurance is also required)



Things to remember before you come to your Pop Up Wedding:

  • You will be responsible for inviting up to 30 family and friends to your Pop Up wedding.

  • You will need to get your marriage license in Bradford County, PA and bring that with you to the ceremony.

  • You will need to arrange for Event Insurance.  We recommend, an online company that provides the $1 million/$2million policy we require at the cost of $125.00.  This process literally takes 5 minutes online and the policy can be emailed directly to us so there is no paperwork to worry about.

  • Find an outfit that makes you feel amazing on your special day!

  • Being on TIME is your biggest job that day!  We have to be very strict regarding the timing of our events as we will have multiple weddings in a single day on a Pop Up Saturday.  You MUST be on time as we will not be able to extend your 90 minute time frame.  It is our expectation that you will arrive 15 minutes early and leave promptly after your 90 minute time frame.  We will need to prepare the venue for the next couple and empty the parking lot for their guests.  

Other than that, you simply show up to the venue and we will have everything ready to go for you! 



Can I come to see the barn prior to booking my Pop Up wedding?

         Yes, you can visit the barn one time prior to the date and time you choose.  Please bring anyone with you that would like to see the space as this will be there one chance to do so.

Can I bring in my own decorations?

         In general, the answer to that is no.  The whole point of a Pop Up wedding is to turn all of the details over to us so that you don’t have the stress of worrying about the small things.  We do include a questionnaire asking about general color and flavor preferences.  The venue will be beautiful… you just have to believe in us!


Can I bring more than 30 guests?

         No, 30 is the limit we place on Pop Up weddings.  Because we do several weddings in a day, we need to have a manageable amount of time between events.  If the guest count is too high, we cannot give the attention to details that each couple deserves.


Can we add more time on to the 90 minute slot?

         No, more time is not available as we have several events scheduled on the same day.


What are the expenses?

         For 2023, we are charging $2,800 for a Pop Up Wedding event.  The only other charge you will incur is the Event Insurance.  If purchased through, this will cost $125.00, which is a very reasonable price. 


Can I contact the photographer ahead of time?

         We ask that you do not do so as the package that is included in your event is a set one.  You will receive an online gallery with edited photos and can then choose to move forward with them in whichever way you prefer.  We have found that making your own books through companies like Shutterfly are a great way to go and make great gifts as well.


Is there a contract for the Pop Up Wedding event?

         Yes, there is a contract that will need to be signed and returned before your date and time slot is saved for you.  Additionally, you will need to purchase Event Insurance prior to the event. 

Sample Schedule for a 90-minute Pop Up Wedding




Guests arrive and park in parking area. They may wait until 10:55 in their vehicle or on the benches outside in the ceremony area.  If the weather is inclement, the ceremony area will be inside the venue.




Group pictures

11:40-12:00 for the couple and 11:40- 12:20 for the guests:

Enter the pavilion area of the barn with guests. Couple will dance to First Dance song.  Next enter the venue to enjoy the provided dessert and beverages. Toast time if requested. Guests can sign guest book.  Couple leaves with photographer from 12:05-12:20 for private couple photos.

12:20- 12:30pm:

The guests take their heart bubble wands and line the walkway outside of the pavilion.  The newlyweds then walk through the bubble send-off and all the guests and the couple will then exit their vehicles.  Parking lot will be available for the next event by 12:45pm.

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